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Curiman Brokers Group

About Us


Curiman Brokers Group was founded by Sr. Juan Martin Curiman in January 2010.

Curiman Brokers Group continues to grow day by day thanks to the trust our clients have in us. We cover a wide variety of insurance, such as Life Insurance, Living Benefits, Annuities, Retirements, Final Expenses.

Always we evaluate each of the needs of our customers to offer them the most appropriate. Also, we guided, advised and accompanied at all times to our customers in the company selection process so they can get the best benefits

In Curiman Brokers Group, we work with many leading insurance companies in the market and each offer different benefits.

Our agents are not common agents, but agents ELITE willing and able to assist and advise any need of our customers. Curiman Brokers Group, as managed to be recognized by the preference of the Hispanic market and / or multicultural because We keep our promises all the time.

We offer a wide variety of services


We believe that being protected will fill you with confidence to overcome the inconveniences that may arise along the way


Our retirement plans are aimed at providing you with the much-needed financial security in the event that your professional income begins to ebb.


Stop worrying and invest in an annuity. People who invest in annuities set the stage to earn income after retirement.


If you are looking forward to building a career in the insurance market, the Curiman Brokers Group is the right place for you.


We understand that every person has unique financial needs and objectives. For this reason, we offer life insurance that offers additional policy riders.


Curiman Brokers Group will take you through fundamentals of final expenses insurance and help you to identify or rather figure out the best insurance cover for you.


Satisfied Customers


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Years of Experience


State Offices

Meet Our Team

  • Houston TX
  • Texas Valley
  • San Antonio TX
  • Plano TX
  • Temecula CA
  • New Mexico

Houston TX Team Members

Juan Martin Curiman

CEO / President

Cindy Castorena

Director of Operations

Claudia Navia


Pablo Martinez

Agent Support

Javier Sepulveda

VP/Agent Support

Texas Valley Team Members

Leticia Romero

President of Curiman Brokers Group RGV

Rosie Fernandez

VP of Curiman Brokers Group RGV

San Antonio TX Team Member

Linda Pineda

President of Curiman Brokers Group San Antonio TX

Plano TX Team Member

Gladys Jimenez

Office Manager

Temecula CA Team Members

Nancy Rodriguez

President of Curiman Brokers Group California

New Mexico Team Member

Jose Guerrero

Internal Wholesaler

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